Pet Car Seat Covers

It’s Saturday morning, and you noted that there has been an interesting stench festering, and brewing within the confines of your car’s crevices.


Upon closer inspection, you realize that’s it’s your wonderful pet’s hairs that have shed, and were not spotted. You’ll have to clean the car from top to bottom.


Ah the mission. It shouldn’t be, but it is. First it’s a challenge to get Fido in the car, and then it’s a challenge to get him out. Once he leaves though, as a thank you, Fido leaves a glorious hairy souvenir.


If you are a pet lover, you know how much removing pet hair from a car can turn into a full day’s work. You like the morning jogs with the dog, but you really dislike the scrubbing you have to endure after her tags along in the car.

It’s totally worth it, because another member of the family gets to come along for the ride, but man oh man is it tricky, and sticky, and pretty much the pits!


So when the idea of doggy friendly car seat covers was vouched, the first image that came to mind were those dodgy plastic covers that almost everyone’s grandparents had over

their furniture.


Those things were unsightly, and in the the summertime, sticky.

What if you can change all that. What if there was a dog seat cover made from the finest offabrics that won’t cause the little guy to overheat in the summer-time, and won’t give you a headache to clean up?

Dog Seat Covers; What the heck do they look like?


Well, there are quiet a few but probably the most popular style by far has to be the “Hammock” Dog Seat Cover. The name is quite explanatory;

seat pets


Imagine a hammock installed on seats instead of between two trees, and you have your dog seat cover solution!


Fido might even love this one, for the fact that there’s no way to fall into any crevices of the

back seat, as they’ll be covered up, and he can get some well deserved R&R.


Once you get started on the Dog Seat Cover quest, you’ll find it difficult to stop.

Better than having to clean your seats…

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